Starting stuff

I’m currently sitting in the chaos that is my living room. I’m heavily into preparing for renovating my living room and kitchen, and with chronic illnesses that has fatigue and pain as some of it’s main symptoms this is taking a lot longer than I thought it would.

The thing is, when I bought my apartment, I was on top form. My income was good, and getting better and I had a real career in front of me. My little apartment was just the right challenge. I redid the bedroom and hallway that first year, and was looking forward to starting on the living room when I got hit by a metric ton of viral and bacterial infections. Six years and two chronic illnesses later  I had to realize that I was never ever going to manage doing all the work that needs doing on my own. It was a bit of a blow. I love doing all this stuff myself, it feels like a bit of a tribute to my father who taught me a lot of what I know.

My lovely mother is lending me some funds so that I can pay for the materials and the work that needs doing, and my job now is to make things as ready as possible before I wrangle people I know into doing the demolition for me for free. Not doing anything this week though, I’m on “vacation” at my mothers nice, tidy clean place while she is on real vacation in Croatia.

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