Rambling about writing

I keep wanting to write stuff. There are stories and histories I want to get out but my brain is so sluggish that I don’t know if any attempts will be any good. I have a number of ideas of writing about historical subjects, but the research keeps tripping me up. I keep getting lost and confused in the source material, hell I get lost on Wikipedia these days and then I have to give up for a while.


I think I need to get better organised when I find something interesting. Maybe if I write it down by hand it gets easier to organise it in my head? I’ve seen some pretty fantastic note taking techniques like sketch notes (take a look at sketchnote army). I’ve been trying to use a bullet journal for everyday stuff, and that works pretty well when I remember to bring my journal with me (my memory being what it is I forget it most of the time). I wish I could draw and letter like the people in my links can, but I find that using different colour pens and pencils makes it quite nice anyway.


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