Father’s day

So it’s fathers day in the US and UK today, and my timelines on twitter and other social media have been telling me about it for days. On days like this I miss my dad so much it hurts. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading about other peoples love for their parents and kids, but even after ten years the grief is just under the surface. I can’t even imagine how my mom feels.

My dad was a special guy. He was warm and funny and loving. He told bad jokes and loved puns. He had flaws like anyone, he had a real need to take care of everything to the extent that when he died my mom and I had to puzzle out everything financial and practical for the first time ever. He never thought me being a girl was a hinder in doing practical stuff though. I learned to paint and tile and use power tools early. I can safely say everyone who knew him loved him. I miss him every day.

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