Getting a wheelchair I think

I’ve talked to my mom about getting a wheelchair again. She has seemed very reluctant to admit I need one, but it turned out it was a bit more complicated than that. She was kind of excited to get me a lightweight manual chair that we can use to go shopping or museums and stuff. So am I to be honest. Lasting more than ten minutes in a shopping centre and not crashing after would be great.


Probably not me?

Thing is, she didn’t want me to have a big outdoor electric chair. I don’t particularly want a big chair, but living in Norway we have winters and a smaller electric chair might not work very well on snow. Apparently she’s afraid I’ll get into an accident. To be fair they are fast and my reaction time is not brilliant any more. I refuse to drive a car these days, I’m terrified I’ll hit someone or something.

I’ll talk to my doctor next visit and start the process. I might get an evaluation team to come asses what I need the most. I think a lightweight collapsable chair is what I need, and I’ve seen some with helper motors on their wheels which might be good for me.


4 thoughts on “Getting a wheelchair I think

    • Frk Johansen says:

      I think I can get an evaluation person to come home to me and see what I need and when I get approved they will let me try out a few options as well.

      I too would like a chair like the one you want, but I need it to be lightweight enough that my mom can easily lift it in and out of her car and that might be a problem for an electric one? I’ve only seen one of them approved in Norway and that is too heavy I think.


      • kittybrewster says:

        I hope there is something available that works for you. I have no idea about how heavy they are, I suspect the lighter ones would be expensive though.
        P.S. I’m still working out how much chatting I can get away with without triggering symptoms. I’m hoping 2 messages is ok!


      • Frk Johansen says:

        You need to take care of yourself Kitty, so don’t feel you need to reply even if someone is talking to you :). I have many days just looking and not talking online.

        By the way, Gunnerkrieg court is amazeballs and I’m working my way through your other comic recommendations as well

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