Dreams of traveling the world

I was talking to a friend on twitter a few weeks ago about traveling the world. It’s weird how many plans we have us housebound people. If I could, I’d leave tomorrow and see everything I had planned to before the illness took my body.

I have a little list over places I want to go, there are probably a lot more but these are for starters:

  • Angkor – It fascinated me from an early age, we had a book about the hidden wonders of the world. The archaeological work being done there now is truly amazing. The temple and palace complex and the city and surrounding canals and waterways are feats of engineering not surpassed many places.

Angkor Wat, photo : Andy / Thousandwonders.net 


  • Mali – Mali has an fascinating history that we learn next to nothing about in history classes in the west.  That goes for all the African cultures and empires. Did you know that the Mali empire was  two times bigger than France and a hub of mathematics, astronomy and literature? The preservation of ancient manuscripts has followed family lines and is still an unexplored avenue for academics.

Photo: bbc.com

  • Alps – French, Italian, Swiss side, I don’t care much. Just want some really tall mountains and stunning landscapes. Maybe I could take my mom and go see Le Tour de France going up Alpe d’Huez.

Photo: wikimedia commons

  • Alhambra – I found the history of muslim ruled Spain interesting taking history at university but what really got me inspired was reading Guy Gavriel Kays The Lions of Al-Rassan.


  • Japan – I want to see the countryside. Nature aside, the craftsman side of Japan is fascinating. I think we can argue that Japan has been very good at keeping traditional skills going, much better than we have in the west.
  • The European mini states: San Marino, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Malta, Monaco and the Vatican State.
  • Kilimanjaro – My knees will probably never be up to proper climbing again but I believe the walk up to the crater is relatively easy if long.

Photo: wikimedia commons


  • Machu Picchu – It’s on everyone’s list, but I have a genuine interest in Inca culture and I want to see it.
  • Knossos – I’ve been once before but was in my early teens on the worst trip ever so I don’t remember much. Also, Crete is delightful and well worth a trip anyway.
  • Visiting everyone who wants to see me wherever you are



2 thoughts on “Dreams of traveling the world

  1. Samantha says:

    Your list is full of adventures! I hope you find a way to make at least some of those trips one day. My wish list has Italy, Scotland and, funnily enough, Norway on it. And maybe the Alps, because I loved the book ‘Heidi’.


    • Frk Johansen says:

      I’ve felt for a long time that I didn’t travel enough when I was in my 20s so all the adventures have to come if I get well enough again :-).

      I forgot Scotland on my list tho, my mom’s been there a few times and she just loves it so I’m definitely going there if I can. Norway is a great country to travel in, I’ve been almost everywhere thanks to parents who loved a road trip so if you’re coming I’ve got some recommendations 😉

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