About Frk Johansen

Frk. Johansen lives in Norway and spent a good bit of 2015 remodelling her small apartment so that it will work for her and her chronic illness. She sometimes wishes she would get well enough to do more with her interest in interior design, but reckons this blog will be mostly about life in general for someone who is housebound.

She blathers on a lot about stuff, and sometimes uses bad words and might get really geeky about geeky things so if that offends you this blog might not be for you. Comments are very welcome. Feel free to disagree with her but Wheatons law goes: don’t be a dick.

English is Frk. Johansens second language, and is probably a mixture of British-English spelling, American-English grammar and a healthy (or not) dose of Norwenglish.

If you see something on this blog that is yours or not attributed correctly please send her a message Frk. Johansen and she’ll take it down or change it as soon as humanly possible with an apology. She really wants to do the right thing.

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