I’d like to exchange this body with a slightly more functional one please

Look away now if you don’t want to read about for slightly icky medical issues.


This week sucked balls if I’m honest. I have some sort of infection going on, but it’s not bacterial so antibiotics will do nothing. I have mouth ulcers and  fungus in my mouth so brushing my teeth hurts a lot. Eating hurts a lot. I’m hungry dammit! I’ve got lymph nodes swelling everywhere (not really, it just feels like it right now). I have an itch in my pants and water retention and crampy legs and a headache and sinuses going berserk and you name it. Fuck this week, it can go die in a fire.

Glad to have gotten that of my chest, I’m gonna try to eat something again cause I’m hangry as hell.


I’ll have a home for yule…

…if my new sofa shows up. And my new dining chairs. It’s just the fiddly bits left to do now, like painting the windows and my new inbuilt book shelf and stuff like that.

My new ceiling lamp looks fantastic by the way:

Look at the shadows not the mess.

My television has been mounted on the wall, and I really recommend doing this to anyone who has walls that can take the weight. It already looks a million times tidier than before even if I’m not finished. The bracket didn’t cost much and can be reused when I need to get a new TV.




I have a floor! And a kitchen that is semi functional and walls that are panelled! Huzzah! Just a few more days until it’s all finished.

A minor disaster struck yesterday when JH was putting down the last part of the floor.


We sprung a leak in the radiator system! Water everywhere and all my towels were used to mop it up and stop the water from spreading. Apparently the pipes in my building is very fragile and just a little tap from a floor board made it burst. Emergency plumber came, and at one point there was three people fixing my radiator and restoring heat to everyone in my building on the first real snow day of the winter.

We ended up being a bit delayed, and didn’t get quite as far in finishing the kitchen as I had hoped but I’m almost there and can see an end to the whole process some time next week…


Oh boy

So I’m kinda wishing I never started this process. The demolition is done, and I have finally gotten rid of all the horrible tiles on my floors, but I’ve also discovered that previous owners have done amateur electrical work that is certainly not up to code and everything has to be redone. That changes a few things.

Tiles coming up

The electrician will be here on Wednesday to see what needs to be done, and give me an estimate. It’s probably going to eat up all of my contingency budget. I might have to go for the handyman version of a builder in stead of a professional carpenter, and that might effect the quality a bit. On the other hand, I had planned to do the job myself so…

It’s thursday – I think…

You know planning involving any kind of builders and contractors should come with a massive warning label. I actually know this, but I was really hoping that I could be the exception to the rule. I’ve only had one of the contractors through the door as of yet, and he was of all things a day early.

Two of the others actually contacted me with proper excuses for why they had problems coming, and they are hopefully coming in today to give me quotes. The last one didn’t bother to call when he was late, and sent me an bullshit e-mail long after he was supposed to be there so I’m not gonna bother with him any more.

I’m lying on my mothers couch at the moment just basking in tidiness and quiet. She gets to help out with demolition in my apartment and doing one of her favourite things: going to our local dump/recycling centre. Yeah I don’t get it either.

Can I stop now?

I’m exhausted. I’m really exhausted. Right now I’m waiting for the first of four contractors to come and view my apartment so that I can get some quotes, but I just want to pick one at random and be done with it.

The thing is, this last week has been incredibly productive. I always knew that if a healthy person tried to do what needed to be done that it would be done in a few days. My mother just proved that by packing all my stuff up and taking away things for charity and recycling in just a few days. I’m supposed to do the “paper work”: getting a contractor, organising demolition and getting rid of the large pieces like my old couch and the dishwasher.

It’s all done. Someone is coming to get the dishwasher today, and someone else the couch tomorrow. The demolition is scheduled for tomorrow morning, and as I said four contractors are coming today and tomorrow. But it really is a bit to much for me. I keep telling myself that it’s just one more day, and then I have a few days off. Can it be thursday already?

An update – sort of

My body decided to stage a major uprising against me the last few months, and any progress in getting things done came to a screeching halt. Sitting in this mess didn’t exactly help my health.

I have a major problem with asking for help. This is normal i guess, but when you are ill it kind of cumulates in that you don’t want others to have to pick up the slack for you. Cue Monday 27th of October and me sitting down on my computer playing a game. All of a sudden my vision started rolling in two different directions. I called my mom telling her what was happening, and that we would have to cancel plans we had that day. She told me in no uncertain words to call the damn ambulance RIGHT NOW, and as we all know you listen to your mom when she gets that tone of voice if you are five or forty-one.

I think the ambulance was here in five minutes, so was my mother. They rushed me to the hospital. I didn’t really realize until I got there that they thought I had a stroke. Anyway, I spent a week in hospital and the result was a minor brain haemorrhage, and a malformation in my brain stem that is probably something I was born with. I’m doing pretty well – I have a few minor issues, but all in all have been pretty lucky in how it all played out.

Getting back on topic. My mom coming in and having to do things for me made her realize how bad things have gotten. She has appointed herself building foreman, and is roping in the help I need to get the work done. The living room and kitchen is almost empty. There is someone coming on Wednesday to do the demolition needed. I have ordered my new kitchen, and I have a few builders coming to give me estimates next week. When the building work starts, I’m staying with my mother and she will be here with the contractor.

Right now I’m sitting in a bedroom that is nice, clean and tidy and liveable. I’m gonna stay here til I the next time I have to move wich is hopefully never.

Starting stuff

I’m currently sitting in the chaos that is my living room. I’m heavily into preparing for renovating my living room and kitchen, and with chronic illnesses that has fatigue and pain as some of it’s main symptoms this is taking a lot longer than I thought it would.

The thing is, when I bought my apartment, I was on top form. My income was good, and getting better and I had a real career in front of me. My little apartment was just the right challenge. I redid the bedroom and hallway that first year, and was looking forward to starting on the living room when I got hit by a metric ton of viral and bacterial infections. Six years and two chronic illnesses later  I had to realize that I was never ever going to manage doing all the work that needs doing on my own. It was a bit of a blow. I love doing all this stuff myself, it feels like a bit of a tribute to my father who taught me a lot of what I know.

My lovely mother is lending me some funds so that I can pay for the materials and the work that needs doing, and my job now is to make things as ready as possible before I wrangle people I know into doing the demolition for me for free. Not doing anything this week though, I’m on “vacation” at my mothers nice, tidy clean place while she is on real vacation in Croatia.