Oh boy

So I’m kinda wishing I never started this process. The demolition is done, and I have finally gotten rid of all the horrible tiles on my floors, but I’ve also discovered that previous owners have done amateur electrical work that is certainly not up to code and everything has to be redone. That changes a few things.

Tiles coming up

The electrician will be here on Wednesday to see what needs to be done, and give me an estimate. It’s probably going to eat up all of my contingency budget. I might have to go for the handyman version of a builder in stead of a professional carpenter, and that might effect the quality a bit. On the other hand, I had planned to do the job myself so…

It’s thursday – I think…

You know planning involving any kind of builders and contractors should come with a massive warning label. I actually know this, but I was really hoping that I could be the exception to the rule. I’ve only had one of the contractors through the door as of yet, and he was of all things a day early.

Two of the others actually contacted me with proper excuses for why they had problems coming, and they are hopefully coming in today to give me quotes. The last one didn’t bother to call when he was late, and sent me an bullshit e-mail long after he was supposed to be there so I’m not gonna bother with him any more.

I’m lying on my mothers couch at the moment just basking in tidiness and quiet. She gets to help out with demolition in my apartment and doing one of her favourite things: going to our local dump/recycling centre. Yeah I don’t get it either.

Can I stop now?

I’m exhausted. I’m really exhausted. Right now I’m waiting for the first of four contractors to come and view my apartment so that I can get some quotes, but I just want to pick one at random and be done with it.

The thing is, this last week has been incredibly productive. I always knew that if a healthy person tried to do what needed to be done that it would be done in a few days. My mother just proved that by packing all my stuff up and taking away things for charity and recycling in just a few days. I’m supposed to do the “paper work”: getting a contractor, organising demolition and getting rid of the large pieces like my old couch and the dishwasher.

It’s all done. Someone is coming to get the dishwasher today, and someone else the couch tomorrow. The demolition is scheduled for tomorrow morning, and as I said four contractors are coming today and tomorrow. But it really is a bit to much for me. I keep telling myself that it’s just one more day, and then I have a few days off. Can it be thursday already?