Rest – The Bane of My Existence

When I was better I managed to take rest periods on the days I worked from home, and I’d take a break or two to regroup when I was at the office, and when I came home. This meant I had absolutely no social life at all and I had no energy to do anything else than basic stuff. After I my big crash last year my baseline has been difficult to find. I still do way too much on the days I feel a bit better. I’m semi mobile and manage to feed myself and keep myself and my place in ok shape but I just want to do everything. I’ve finally accepted that I need help and my mom comes in and does the heavy stuff, but still…

Resting is very hard for me. My brain starts working on high gear almost immediately after laying down, and before you know it I have analyzed Jurassic World and worked myself into a little bit of a furious state. Yes she is their aunt, but for fucks sake she is running a multi million dollar business that requires her attention and is not a convenient babysitter service for sisters who are getting divorced without telling their kids first.

See! I can run in from dinosaurs in stiletto heels while you stand there being a completely charmless know it all Chris Pratt!

(How did this movie happen btw? You must have a pretty bad script and a really bad director to manage to get this calibre of actors to be this bland. Omar Sy is in this mess for fucks sake, and Pratt should manage to be funny if you just let him do his thing. Bryce Dallas Howard has nothing to work with here, you can see the struggle if you look.)

Sometimes I design my dream house in what is supposed to be rest, and end up in trouble when I eventually have to look up if whatever it is I want is possible. I don’t want a large house just a fantastic one.  I’m thinking I need a view like this and a house with large windows facing the right way.


I’m trying the guided meditations on youtube and I think I need to try to stick to a set schedule so I’m being a bit more proactive here with my rest. I’m so bored these days I’m doing the boom and bust thing and as a result spending even more time in bed and that is not good.

So this was all rambly and possibly a bit incoherent but hopefully you get the gist?


Oh boy do I want this project

I am bit above normally interested in architecture, restoration and interior design. I have a dream of owning a country house that I could restore and make my own. I often wander through the property section on which is Norways premier site for buying an selling stuff. There is a section for foreign properties as well, and I’ve found the house in Sweden I’m going to buy if I win the lottery:


It’s from 1865 and a lot of the original details are still in place. I would carefully restore the old details, try to find out what sort of wallpapers and finishes there would have been on the walls. Plan electrical an plumbing carefully to make it so unintrusive as possible. and replace anything broken with the same attention to detail as the original builders. 08_2097190111

You know you’re in trouble when you start picking out furnishings for a house you have no chance of ever owning. I’ve gone trough anything from historic wallpapers to light fittings and finding tiles that would fit the house. I’ve gone over the plans an figured out the few changes I would make to make the house perfect.

I’ll continue dreaming of my perfect house, and just cross my fingers and hope the people who do buy it thinks the same way I do. Someone who is passionate about preserving this kind of property.