I’ll have a home for yule…

…if my new sofa shows up. And my new dining chairs. It’s just the fiddly bits left to do now, like painting the windows and my new inbuilt book shelf and stuff like that.

My new ceiling lamp looks fantastic by the way:

Look at the shadows not the mess.

My television has been mounted on the wall, and I really recommend doing this to anyone who has walls that can take the weight. It already looks a million times tidier than before even if I’m not finished. The bracket didn’t cost much and can be reused when I need to get a new TV.



Oh boy

So I’m kinda wishing I never started this process. The demolition is done, and I have finally gotten rid of all the horrible tiles on my floors, but I’ve also discovered that previous owners have done amateur electrical work that is certainly not up to code and everything has to be redone. That changes a few things.

Tiles coming up

The electrician will be here on Wednesday to see what needs to be done, and give me an estimate. It’s probably going to eat up all of my contingency budget. I might have to go for the handyman version of a builder in stead of a professional carpenter, and that might effect the quality a bit. On the other hand, I had planned to do the job myself so…