A few thoughts on trying to lose some weight

I don’t have much faith in new year’s resolutions so this isn’t really one, but I’ve gained quite a lot of weight after starting on gabapentin and now I really have to try to do something about it. I’m not eating particularly much calorie wise for a healthy person, but being this inactive means the kilos creep on steadily. Losing weight when you are not moving much is really hard I have to say. I’m almost wishing for a period of low appetite again so I have to force myself to eat instead of the other way around.


My diet isn’t bad, and I’ve eaten pretty healthy for a long time so portion control is going to have to be the way to do it. I’m not good at eating small meals throughout the day, and I’m going to try to work on that. I also have to say that my relationship with food isn’t always the best, which is funny when people find out I used to do the food thing for a living. It never has been really. I overeat when things aren’t great, and these days that usually means being in pain. I’m working on it tho, I’ve pretty successfully changed what I eat in those situations to much healthier and lower calorie fare and now I’m working on minimising the behaviour altogether. Tips and tricks are welcome.

Other than that, I plan on eating what I normally do just less of it. I’m not going on any sort of a special diet because in my looooong dieting experience that only leads to eventual failure and even more disordered eating.

There, I’ve said it out loud. Now I just have to do it…



Doing better at the food thing

I’m only a week or so in to trying out simpler methods to get good healthy food even when I’m not doing so well, but I have to say that this week have been remarkably much easier to live through even though I’ve been in quite a lot of pain. I made a batch of mason jar salads last week (note to self; do prep work over longer period of time, not all at once) and they held up really well. I ate the last one yesterday and that was seven days after I made them and it was still fresh and nice.

I had groceries delivered last week as well. I’m trying to get all the heavy stuff delivered, and the online supermarket I used have a really good selection of allergy friendly food that I can’t get in my local store. They are really into good customer service as well so I’m definitely using them again. I imagine that I’ll get better at ordering what I use about once a month, and then I can get fresh stuff at my local store as I need it.

I need to get some smaller oven proof dishes preferably with lids so I can just chuck stuff in the oven to heat it up when I’m hungry. I’ve been using disposable dishes, but I don’t like throwing so much stuff away when I don’t have to. Cooking single serve portions seems to be an impossibility for me, I always overestimate how much I need. If you know how I’m calling you brilliant here and now :). Also, putting leftovers into portion sizes makes me eat and surprisingly throw away less food.