Just a little update

I haven’t been very active on my blog lately, my ME is currently kicking my cognitive metaphorical butt. I have about eight pieces of writing in the draft section but they all need pictures, fact checking and sourcing and so on, and I’m just not up for that at the moment.


What I have been doing lately though is reading a bit. I loved Chuck Wendig’s Invasive and recommend it to anyone (if insects isn’t too creepy for you). I hope they make a move of it, it was intense. I’ve been knitting socks while lying down and supporting my arms. I’ve been talking more to people on the internet, it’s scary but feels good. I’ve been overdoing it physically every time I feel a bit better because I’m so effing bored of resting and want to do something (not smart, I know).

I started watching Stranger Things. It takes a while because my memory is shit, and I have to go back every now and then and watch all over again. It’s also creepy in a way that gives me nightmares if I watch to late at night. I love it. I have a few movies to watch like Captain America: Civil War but I haven’t felt up to it lately (Cap’s my favourite Marvel hero).

Cap is right Tony!


Entertain me, or maybe not?

I have real problems watching TV these days, but a smaller screen like an iPad and using headphones works for some reason. Following new shows and storylines is really difficult for me, and with all the great stuff I read is out there now it makes me sad. I’ve tried to watch all the new superhero and sci-fi shows on Netflix, but the stuff I know I would like is to difficult to follow for me right now. I’ve tried a lot of first episodes that I think is great, but ask me 10 minutes later what I just saw and I won’t be able to tell you. I never seem to get to episode two.


I’m absolutely not able to go to the movies at the moment. I was really hoping to be well enough to see Captain America: Civil War, because I’ve been looking forward to it since the Winter Soldier. I manage to watch movies on my iPad, with low lights and low volume – but I’s not quite the same is it.

I do watch some old stuff on Youtube these days. Most of the Mst3k episodes are there and they are just as funny as I remember. I love bad movies Рparticularly monster movies Рand when I was better I wrote live watching posts with plenty of snark on a few. They are on my tumblr and I think I might bring them over here some time I have the energy.


It’s also pro cycling season, and the Giro de Italia is on and I’m not able to follow. It’s just to much flipping between cameras and helicopters. I have to get a little bit better for the Tour de France. It’s my favourite race.


I’ve been trying to write this post on what¬†interests me and helps me through when things are a bit rough like now. But I’m having trouble keeping it together. The other night I tried to write about my history as a comic book nerd, and wandered off into a long explanation off why I love Modesty Blaise despite it being problematic (at least the early stuff, and some of the books to).


The internet is for someone like me a lifesaver. I get to stay in touch with what’s happening in my areas of interest, discover new creators and genres and sometimes have a conversation with someone as nerdy as me. I get to feel like I’m part of the world for a little bit and be a little part of my friends lives even when I can’t take part in person.

I was relatively early online, my dad got a modem in 95 I think, and I used his connection when I was at home. I got my own in 96. Some of the guys I went to school with were gamers, but I discovered fan culture and realised that I wasn’t alone in being weird and a bit obsessive. You could say I discovered my people.

Some in the medical community acts like the internet is not real life, they seem to hold the view that not speaking face to face doesn’t count. Have you ever noticed that this is the same line of thought/excuse that trolls use? That what you say or do on the internet doesn’t count because it’s not real life? Its real alright: