Found my camera

I found my camera the other day and thought I’d put up some pictures of my balcony that isn’t totally bad like my iPhone pictures 😏

Look – the sun was even shining for a little while…

My balcony is starting to look great

Thanks to my great mom I have a fabulous starting point for my balcony. I have flowers, herbs and some vegetables going on. I’m getting some more flowers to put in between my lobelias, and I’m going to get some lettuce seeds to grow my own in the side that isn’t planted yet.

I even have a pumpkin plant going but I’m not sure how this is going to end 🙂


Green fingers – finally

I’ve always thought I couldn’t keep house plants alive. Turns out you have to water them regularly and then they’ll thrive. Look at my living room window.



These guys have doubled in size in the last six months.Being housebound is apparently good for something 😉

Sorry about the picture quality, I can’t seem to manage good pictures on my iPhone. I hope I can get a better camera soon, but for now you can see my fabulous oak table and my lucite chairs.

I killed my Venus fly catcher though… Poor Frank, I hardly knew you



My balcony is usable again!!1!one!

My fantastic uncle helped me out with getting the last of the trash from this winters building project taken away, and it’s finally usable again. He generously hired a firm to come get it so that he wouldn’t have to do it himself.


My mum is coming in to clean it this week, and plant something in my balcony boxes and when my comfy chairs are in place I’ll be ready to stay out there. She also has the idea to hang bamboo roller blinds on each side so I can manage to stay out there even when the sun is to strong for me. So if you see a woman with ear protection and sunglasses hiding behind a roller blind trying to water some plants this summer it might just be me. Fingers crossed for a stable sort of summer – not to hot or cold – with just the right amount of humidity.